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Providing a safe place for you to rebalance, recover, 
relax & find wellness
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about me and my treatment approach


About me

My name is Hannah and I am a Registered Osteopath.  I have been using manual therapy for over 20 years to help ease peoples aches, pains and tension and improve their wellbeing.  I started my journey by qualifying in Swedish Massage, later adding Sports Massage and Aromatherapy to my repertoire. 


After five years of intense training I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2015 and I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council.


I am also qualified in oncology massage, Indian head massage, medical acupuncture and I am a qualified mindfulness  teacher.  I have extensive experience of offering therapy in palliative care.  


I am very interested in movement therapy, incorporating exercise and movement into treatment wherever possible.  I am currently training to become a rehabilitation Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer in order to help people on their rehabilitation journey. 

How can I help you?

Are you suffering from back pain, joint pain or muscular aches, pain or tension? or maybe you need some advice on improving your posture and flexibility? If so then don't hesitate to get in touch and book a consultation.


I can also help with strategies for stress management or living with a long-term condition so contact me to discuss your particular situation.

My unique approach uses a combination of techniques to ease symptoms and help YOU learn how to manage your health and well being, helping you over any bumps in the road as you go along.


Treatment includes hands-on care for pain or relaxation, exercise prescription, pain education and stress management - whatever is needed for your individual care.

Osteopaths are Statutorily Regulated Primary Healthcare Professionals. We are trained to screen for medical conditions, and I will tell you if you need referral to another health professional such as a GP.

My Approach

Osteopathy and massage are fabulous for identifying restrictions and reducing pain and symptoms, but unless the cause of these issues are addressed the problem may return time and again.   This is where lifestyle advice, stress management and movement therapy play an important part. 


My approach is to look at how you are using your body and mind and give advice on adaptations in areas such as work set-up, posture and stress management.  Alongside this I use Osteopathy, medical acupuncture and massage to address identified restrictions and symptoms.  I then encourage the use of movement to give the body mobility, strength and resilience to rehabilitate properly and prevent regular relapse.  

I tailor my approach based on your needs and preferences.  My hands-on treatment focuses on gently articulating joints, soft tissue techniques, massage, medical acupuncture and exercise prescription.  I do not personally use a lot of the manipulative ‘Clicking’ techniques that people often associate with Osteopathic treatment.  These have their place and I occasionally use them when indicated but they are only one very small part of the techniques that Osteopaths offer and I prefer to use alternative techniques where possible.

 My aim is to work with you to decrease pain, improve mobility and flexibility, decrease stress and encourage ownership and understanding of your own body and empowerment over pain.

Your first session

We will begin with a detailed case history to understand why you are consulting with me and what you would like us to address.  Then I will make a thorough clinical assessment and design a treatment plan which will include some hands on treatment, adaptations and exercise where appropriate.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

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Hannah Gordon Osteopathy

Providing a safe place for you to rebalance, recover,

relax & find wellness